Balancing the Books for March 2020

This month definitely has been a month for reading. It also has been a month for me personally. I did not expect at the beginning of the month that I would be off work for two weeks (now three, and potentially longer) and I did not expect to be reading this much during that time. I can say that starting the blog, and my instagram, really has helped me to be a little more social during this time of social distancing and I really have enjoyed it! That all being said here is the list of everything that I have read this month along with very short reviews of them, links to buy the books on Amazon, and where you can find full reviews on them if I have them! Also as a note, all links to Amazon in this post are affiliate links. It does not cost you to anything extra to buy using those links, it just gives me a small commision from your purchase to help keep this blog running.

This Months Books

Once Upon a Silent Song; A.R Summers

This story is a retelling of the little mermaid. I read it at the beginning of the month when I was doing my OWLs apart from everyone else because I didn’t realize that book roast did it every year. I absolutely loved this books 10/10. I love little mermaid retellings and I am going to be reading another one for the April OWLs.

Quidditch Through the Ages; J.K Rowling

This is another book that I listened to on Audible early in the month for the OWLs. As a Harry Potter fan I loved the book. I would give it an 8/10. If you are not a Harry Potter fan though you probably wouldn’t like it. So I don’t necessarily recommend it if you are not a big fan of Harry Potter.

Alone With The Stars; David R. Gillham (audible original)

Here is the thing, I actually really did not enjoy this book. I listened to it because it was short and I needed another book for my OWLs but I just couldn’t get into it. It is a story about Amelia Earhart that is inspired by true events. So it is a fictional book with some real things mixed it. I thought I would love it because of that, but no. Honestly it was like a 2/10 for me.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child; Jk Rowling, John Tiffany, Jack Thorne

Now this book, as I am sure everyone knows, is controversial among Harry Potter fans. The first time I read it, I was in love with it! The second time I read it (which was this month) I started to see why people maybe were not as happy with it as they could have been, but the real truth is if you stop thinking that it is meant to be set in the same exact moment in time as the original Harry Potter books you will likely enjoy it. Also it is a screen play, not usually my cup of tea. Id say a 7/10 (which I know a lot of Harry Potter fans are going to drag me about).

The Wedding; Nicholas Sparks

This book was one I fought until the very end. I am weird because though I do enjoy Nicholas Sparks movies I almost never enjoy the books that the movies were based off of. I don’t know if it is the writing or if it is that I am just much more into YA fiction than I am fiction that is written more for adults. The ending of it was good, and definitely wasn’t what I thought it was going to be. 5/10 for the ending and because the books wasn’t horrible. It is not something I will read again however.

Nights in Rodanthe; Nicholas Sparks

Another one of those Nicholas Sparks movies that I liked better than the book. That being said though I enjoyed this one a lot more than I did The Wedding. 7/10 because I enjoyed the writing of this book for the most part and it actually kept me engaged. Most Nicholas Sparks books don’t do that. So hats off to this one.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them the Original Screenplay; Jk Rowling

After reading The Cursed Child I almost did not read this because I was not in love with the way screenplays were written. This one had a lot more information describing the set up of scenes and what was going on and focused less on character development and dialogue. I am okay with that though particularly in a screenplay because it lets me decide how I see the characters instead of being told how to see them. I give it a 7/10 because I’m still not fully convinced on the screenplay aspect of this. But I do like it.

In An Instant; Suzanne Redfearn

This books was a good one. I usually do not read thriller books but I did enjoy it. 8/10 since I am not a thriller persona nd I did enjoy the story line. I got a little confused form time to time reading it like a detail had been left out or changed, but nothing major that would make me hate the book.

Honor Among thieves; Rachel Caine and Ann Aguirre

We have finally arrived at books that I have review for. All I will say is that this is the first in a trilogy of books and it is weird. I enjoyed it as much as someone that doesn’t usually like syfy books could, but that does not negate that parts of the story are weird. 7/10 and I really recommend you read the full review to hear all my thoughts and feelings about this book.

Honor Bound; Rachel Caine and Ann Aguirre

This is the second book in the Honors trilogy. I actually hated this book. To the point that I almost did not read the last book in the trilogy. You can read my full review to see my thoughts on this book. I gave it a 4 out of 10 which is one of the lowest ratings I have given this month.

Honor Lost; Rachel Caine and Ann Aguirre

I liked this book a whole lot better than the second book let me tell you that. I am glad that I keep reading the trilogy after the second book. This was a good intro into syfy, which is something I generally don’t like in books. You can read my full review to see what I thought on this book, as well as my full series wrap up.

I am Watching You: Teresa Driscol

This book. As I said earlier I’m usually not a thriller person, but I do love myself a good murder mystery show. That being said I really enjoyed this murder mystery thriller. It was confusing at times but over all a great read. I’ve got a full review for this one too that you can check out!

What Light; Jay Asher

I read this one more for fun, and less for reviewing purposes. I am trying to get a start in posts for later in the year. This one is a typical YA romance book that is centered around Christmas. I read it now not knowing that it was about Christmas, but I still enjoyed it. The first book I read of Jay Asher’s was 13 Reasons Why. This book is a total 180 from that.

Five Feet Apart; Rachael Lippincott, Mikki Daughtry, and Tobias Iaconis

I have a review for this one too!!! Yay! I had been waiting so long to read this book and had put off watching the movie as well. I loved the book! It was great, you can read my full review for that information. I still have not seen the movie but rest assured I will be watching it soon.

The Rest of The Story; Sarah Dessen

I read this book as the first book for a 24 hour Readathon hosted by @escaping.through.novels on Instagram on March 28,2020. I love me some Sarah Dessen and I hope to do a review on it in the coming weeks. It was a typical Sarah Dessen book. YA romance with a lot of awkwardness from them, but written beautifully. This one made me laugh out loud. Honestly I have to give it a 8/10!

Milk and honey- Rupi Kaur

This book. It is a book of poems though and a lot of people enjoy it. I am not usually a big poetry person, so that could help with my view of the book as a whole. I will write a review. I won’t say much more about this here. Other than this was my second book in the 24 hour Readathon I participated in.

Divergent- Veronica Roth

I loved these movies. So much. I had not actually read the books though until this month and it made me love the story even more. The movies don’t even come close to the books but they are great in their own right. The movies include most of the important things from the books and the books give so much more detail. I will be writing a review on the entire series and companion books coming soon. I just have to finish them all up.

Insurgent- Veronica Roth

Not much more to say than what I did for Divergent. I did love the book. I started doing partial audio book during this one and would actually listen to the audiobook while I read. It was such a great experience. I am actually planning on doing this with most of the physical books I have if I can.

Allegiant; Veronica Roth

I saw the movie for this book before I read it and it broke me. I did not realize how different the movie was from the book. Specifically the ending. They played with my heart. Gave me hope. And then Veronica Roth just shoved a knife right through it. I still haven’t processed this book completely. I loved it. I will add my full review on the blog soon because I have some thoughts. I cried reading the last probably 30 pages of this book. Ugh. Even Five Feet Apart and The Fault In Our Stars didn’t make me cry as much as this one did.

Four: A Divergent Collection; Veronica Roth

When I read this I did not expect to have the emotions about it that I did. I knocked it out in like 2 hours because it is about half the size of the other books but it still broke me. I got a better idea of how Four felt during pivital moments in the books but damn. I think having read it after Allegiant made it even harder for me. This one though made me feel like I needed a drink. I’m debating on writing a review for this one, I probably will. I am planning on writing them for all of the series.

Free Four: Tobias Tells the Divergent Knife-Throwing Scene; Veronica Roth

This is my bonus book for the month. It isn’t really a book so I won’t count it, it is a short story. I wanted to include it for all the Divergent Fans out there. I loved seeing this seen from Four’s perspective. Seeing how his relationship with Tris was forming in his mind. It is the same reason I loved Four. If I hadn’t already loved Four I would have after these last two books. Please read this if you want more from that trilogy. 5/5

This month really paned out with reading that is for sure. I don’t know that every month will be this productive, but I can only hope it comes close to being even half as productive as this. 20 books! That is insane! I will see you guys back here at the end of the month for another balancing the books (and you know three days a week at least until then for book reviews and other things)!

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