The Vine Witch by Luanne G. Smith-Book Review

The wine you poured tonight came from those vines. It was the last vintage I brought into the world before I … went away.”

Elena, The Vine Witch Page 76

Author: Luanne G. Smith
Published: 2019
Pages: 263
Rating: 7/10

The cover of this book is so pretty, but to be honest with you I did not have high hopes for it going in. When I first read the title I thought it said The Wine Witch, and I was MUCH more excited about it when I thought that was the title. To be fair, that could very well be the title, because that is exactly what the book is about. So my excitement for it only continued during the time I was reading.

Time for the goodreads summary of this book! I tried to write this myself but no matter how I wrote it it didn’t make the book sound interesting, but I promise it really was.

Goodreads Summary

For centuries, the vineyards at Château Renard have depended on the talent of their vine witches, whose spells help create the world-renowned wine of the Chanceaux Valley. Then the skill of divining harvests fell into ruin when sorcière Elena Boureanu was blindsided by a curse. Now, after breaking the spell that confined her to the shallows of a marshland and weakened her magic, Elena is struggling to return to her former life. And the vineyard she was destined to inherit is now in the possession of a handsome stranger.

Vigneron Jean-Paul Martel naively favors science over superstition, and he certainly doesn’t endorse the locals’ belief in witches. But Elena knows a hex when she sees one, and the vineyard is covered in them. To stay on and help the vines recover, she’ll have to hide her true identity, along with her plans for revenge against whoever stole seven winters of her life. And she won’t rest until she can defy the evil powers that are still a threat to herself, Jean-Paul, and the ancient vine-witch legacy in the rolling hills of the Chanceaux Valley.

My Thoughts

This book was so much better than I expected. One of the first things I wrote down (right on page 2) was What in the hell did I just read…this is going to be a trip I can already tell. I was right about that. Though it wasn’t a trip in a bad way. I really enjoyed the story and I think that Luanne worked the story of the wine vineyards in nicely with the magical element. I also appreciated that she didn’t just write a story where magic only showed up a few times because one of the main characters of the book didn’t believe in it. That made it so much better to me. That Elena just wanted to save the vineyard and was willing to hide from Jean-Paul and still do the magic.

One bone I have to pick with this book though is the writing style. I have said time and time again I am not really a huge fan of books being written from two perspectives. There are a few books written like that that I have enjoyed solely based on the writing style, but this was not one. The writing of the book actually confused me more often than not because unlike the last few books I have read written like this they did not tell you in the chapter title who’s perspective you were reading. It took me longer to read because I would often have to go back and reread parts just to find out who’s perspective it was. I can look past that, because I liked the story, but had I not liked the story I would have DNFed the book because of this.

Final Recommendations

I did enjoy this book despite the writing style. I think that if you can get past the writing style and you enjoy magic you will enjoy this book. I give it a 7/10 because the writing style just wasn’t there for me. Had it even just been slightly more clear I would have given the book and 8 or a 9 because I liked the story that much. It is also the start of a series, so I am looking forward to reading the second book when it comes out in June.

If you are interested in buying The Vine Witch you can buy it here. This link is an affiliate link, by using it to purchase this book you will be supporting this blog at no extra cost to you! I earn a small commision from each sale, so if you are interested in helping keep this blog running please think about using the link above!

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