Magical Readathon O.W.L Week 2 Update

Week Two of the Magical Readathon OWLs hosted by Book_Roast is completed. Time for an update on what I completed, short opinions on the books, and what I have left to complete. I also want to give a disclaimer that I am not participating in all the OWL events that Book_Roast is hosting, but am participating in a few events that other are putting on and using my OWL books towards those. Okay so with that said let’s jump into the update!

I made the decision today to finish My Big Fat Fake Wedding by Lauren Landish. It was a funny book and I enjoyed it, but it is definitely not what I thought it was going to be. Please do not read this book unless you are over 18. Or maybe even ya know, over 21. Just please don’t read it unless you are an adult. I did write a full review of it which you can read if you are interested in my thoughts. Not my favorite book I have read this month, but it was decent. After that I decided that I was not going to be reading anymore books because I clearly needed to digest that whole situation. I did read like 3 more pages of Harry Potter: A History of Magic and I still am not sure about it. I am still considering DNFing it because I enjoy it, but it is more of a coffee table book than a read all the way through book.

I did not do too much towards my OWLs today. Mostly I played some animal crossing and did a little bit of cleaning. I did start reading If You Tell by Gregg Olsen. It is a true crime book, which is waaay out of my comfort zone. Not only is it a true crime story but there is a lot of talk about Trigger Warning

……………abuse to both children and family friends. It was a lot to deal with and sort out. I did not finish it today and got about 100 pages in before I decided that I needed to go to bed.

Today was definitely an OWL day. It was 70 degrees and sunny today so I spent most of my day on my patio reading If You Tell. I was able to finish it today, but it was a lot. As I am writing this update I am still trying to sort out my feelings for it. I can say though that I will be reading more true crime books. I have always loved true crime tv shows but never tried books about it. I did get a full review up of this as well. It is a little different than my normal reviews and it has a lot of information that may trigger some in it, but if you are interested in true crime you will like the review. OH! in other random news about this book Gregg Olsen actually commented on my Instagram picture about this book!!!!!

I also think I have made the decision to DNF Harry Potter: A History of Magic. Like I have said before it is more of a coffee table book. I may purchase it to keep at home and read when I want to, but it is not something that I am loving right now. I hate to DNF books, but I think in this case I have to if I ever want to actually enjoy the book.

I also made the decision today to pick out books for the rest of the OWL prompts regardless of what I wanted to do career wise and just try to get as many OWLs as I can! So you will definitely start seeing books you didn’t see me talking about.

Today was a productive day in general, not just for my OWLs. I was able to finish This Lullaby which I am using for my Ancient Runes OWL and got a book review written for it, which will also be up before this goes live! Just click on the title of the book if you want to check it out! It was a cute little book, and quick for me total it took me like 5.5-6 hours to read it. Instagram also picked out my new read for Astronomy. They decided unanimously on Cinder. This will be the third time I have tired to start this book so I guess maybe the third time will be the charm.

Unrelated to books, okay well sort of because I read This Lullaby, I was also able to enjoy most of my morning into early afternoon sitting on my balcony in the sun, so that was nice. I am still not enjoying being off work, but I am finding ways to make it better for myself. I have been really looking forward to a couple hours on the balcony when it is nice out. I also have really had a lot of time to work on this blog, which makes me happy. Next week I start back online classes for my Masters though, so we will see how intensive that is and how much extra I can do once I factor in reading, discussion boards, papers, and quizzes for that.

I spent the entire day without power. Like the whole day. It didn’t come back on until like 8pm last night. It was out for almost a whole 24 hours. If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw my explanation but I got a better explanation a few hours after I posted those stories. Short and sweet version, we had some pretty strong storms on Wednesday evening and not only did our power go out, but the shingles on the apartments in our complex in front of us started flying off. It was wild. Any ways I ended up finding out that there were 39 (!!!!!!) power poles that had been taken out during the storm. Most of them were about two intersections away from us. So with the annoyance of that happening I struggled reading today. I did manage to finish one book though, but no joke it took me all day! Missing by Shelley Shepard Gray was not what I was expecting it to be, but I did finish it up and ended up enjoying it. I will warn the back of the book says it is about is not really what the book is about, but I will talk about that in a review, up next week! So with that being said, we only have a few prompts left!

Cinder- Transfiguration (thank you Kira,@kcbookshelf and Carol,@chilean_reader for helping me decide that this would work for this prompt!)
The Last Song- Divination (this one was number 4 on my shelf and that is what the third eye told me to read so alas another Nicholas Sparks book
Fallen- Astronomy (this one just has to be read mostly when it is dark out so there we go!)
Let The Sky Fall- Muggle Studies (this just has to be a contemporary book. I don’t know if this really counts but I am going to count it unless it turns out to be something completely different than what I think it is going to be)

Today has started off with me wanting to read and then doing about 5 other things that are not reading. Mostly because we just started the new group chat for tomorrow’s miniathon so everyone is chatting and getting to know each other and I’m getting distracted. Oh and Nugget keeps bringing me her toy mouse so that I can throw it and she can go get it and bring it back. The reading agenda for the day is Cinder, so I will let you know how that goes when it finally starts going.

I ended up finishing Cinder today and let me tell you, it is a shame I never got into it before now. It was such a good book. I predicted about halfway through what the twist was going to be and I wasn’t sure how I would feel about it if I was right, but I got way too excited at the end when I was correct. I have now purchased the entire box set and the kindle version of the second book so I can start reading it straight away. Which means I will have one hardback copy of the first book that I am not going to need since I have the full set in paperback on the way. I am thinking of putting it in a giveaway when I hit 200 followers on instagram. We will see. So anyway here is the updated list of what is left for OWLs.

The Last Song- Divination
Scarlet- Astronomy (this one I changed because I want to continue bingeing this series. Here is to the hope that I will be done soon enough that I can read the rest of the books this month as well. But let’s be real my class starts back on monday so I dont know that that will be possible.)
Let The Sky Fall- Muggle Studies

That is today! I am once again going to be participating in Kira’s (@kcbookshelf) 12 hour miniathon that she has every saturday. It is always so much fun, so I am looking forward to it. This weeks prompt is books with a blue cover so I will be reading The Last Song which is also a book for my OWLs so killing two birds with one stone there. I am also doing a live stream today at 1pm EST on my Instagram ( if you want to stop by and chat.

This week was much more productive than I thought it would be when it first started! How are you doing so far on your OWLs? Have you DNFed any books yet? Let me know in the comments!!

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