Magical Readathon 2020-OWLs Week 3 Update

Well it is that time again, the end of my third week of OWLs. If you don’t know what I am talking about (which is doubtful because the entire book community seems to be participating) you can check out my post all about the OWLs. There you will find the video from Book_Roast where her readathon is explained as well as my TBR list. Also if you are curious I do have a wrap up from week two as well. I don’t have an update for week one because somehow that post managed to lose itself…Enough with the rambling. Grab yourself a drink and get ready to check in for this week!


“And on Sundays we do nothing..”- anonymous

Today was the epitome of lazy Sundays for me. I guess because it was Easter and I was not really allowed to leave I was just not into doing much. I did some reading for school late in the evening though, and was able to read about 50 pages of Scarlet by Marissa Meyers. The box set of The Lunar Chronicles paperbacks was delivered today so I got to open that on Instagram and be happy that I finally found the book covers that I like, instead of just having to settle for the new covers, which I am not in love with.


If each day is a gift, I would like to know where I can return Mondays.”-anonymous

You know those days where you have the best intentions of doing things and then somehow you just end up not doing them? Yeah that was how today went for me. I spend all day being pumped up to read some more of Scarlet and then just didn’t do it. I played Animal Crossing and then ended up spending 5 hours trying to make masks and failing miserably at them. Needless to say I still sit at 50 pages read for Scarlet and two books to finish for my OWLS.


“Tuesday is Monday’s ugly sister.”

You know this might be a better update if I had actually done ANYTHING towards my OWLs today. Instead I ran to the store for a quick trip for eggs, milk, and frozen pizzas (I know none of that goes together, but the pizzas are like the only thing my boyfriend will eat anymore) and spent most of the day working on making masks. I did finally figure out how to make some that look simi reasonable, it took me all morning though because I was out of elastic and had to make the straps myself. Also I went to school for sewing so all my perfectionist tendencies started to come out because I felt like I needed to match prints on fabric and 100 other things. I did zero work towards OWLs today, which I would find acceptable, except for the fact that I have done that for the last two days as well.

I struggled with the whole COVID-19 situation today. Unemployment still hasn’t paid out for me because like most states we are on stay at home orders and almost everyone is laid off from their jobs and filing. I was struggling mostly because bills are do soon. That being said if you are having a hard time as well and just need someone to talk to you can always message me on my Instagram ( My inbox is open. It might take me awhile to respond because my instagram messages can get a bit crazy with the book club and miniathon groups I am in, but I will see it I promise. The bookstagram community has seriously been my saving grace through all of this.


I’ll take a shot of whiskey with my coffee”-Me, and I don’t drink coffee or Whiskey

Do I see day number four of no progress on my OWLs coming? yes I do! It is 7:15pm and all I have done today is update the blog (do you like the new layout and the new post layouts?), take a nap, listen to my governors daily press conference of updates on nothing, and written two blog posts. I have been productive, just not on the right things. OH, I did also do a discussion board for class. Which might as well have been a paper with all the research I had to do for it.

I also updated my TBR for the OWLs today. Which ya know is interesting considering I only have two books left to read and on a normal week I would have already finished both of them. -.- Alas, let me tell you the update and then I will get off of here and read (yeah right). I decided that for Muggle Studies I would be reading Lola and The Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins. It has a 4.5 star rating on Kindle, and I rented the book through Libby. That means I have to finish it because I only have 14 days to finish it. Woohoo. So I have read 7 pages so far and it is cute. So far it is shaping up to my the typical cheesy YA romance but that is just what I need this week.

11:47pm Update: So I finally found the time to sit down and read, I am halfway through Lola and The Boy Next Door and I am loving th cheesy romance that it is. This was just what I needed to feel better and get back into the spirit of reading this week.



“Better days are just around the corner. They are called Friday, Saturday, and Sunday”- anonymous

It is 2:10am when I am writing this first update and since I have not gone to bed yet I think this would generally fall under Wednesday, BUT it is technically Thursday and I just felt like putting this update here. I just finished Lola and The Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins and I have to say I loved it. I won’t give too much away because I do want to write a review about it in the coming weeks, but it was such a cute love story. Totally cheesy and just what I needed. The book is about love but it is also about self acceptance and I think that is an important lesson for everyone to learn. And for all of us, no matter our age to be reminded of. That means that I only have one OWL left and I will have finished all 12 prompts for my OWLs. I may be speaking too soon, but I am really proud of myself for finishing all 12. That was not my original plan but it has given me something to work towards accomplishing this month. Now I just need to finish up Scarlet and I can move on to other books in The Lunar Chronicles as well as a book that was sent to me that I am dying to read!


Somehow today also turned into a day of not reading. I kept being distracted by a project for school and by animal crossing. I didn’t actually read a single thing that wasn’t school related today. Oh well! Tomorrow is another Readathon and I will finish Scarlet even if it kills me.


As usual this post is going up on Saturday so I don’t have too much of an update for you. My hope is that my OWLs will be completed by today, which I am sort of sad about because that means I won’t have any more OWL updates for you guys 😦 I will survive though. Best part of today is that as usual I will be taking part in the 12 hour miniathon that Kira(@kcbookshelf) hosts every Saturday. Today’s prompt is books with strong female protagonists. I wrote a recommendations list that just went up yesterday that you can read if you are interested. I personally will be reading Cress which is the next book in The Lunar Chronicles. I hope I will finish it today that way I can start reading the book that was sent to me and get that review up for you all soon!

Have you ever participated in a mini- readathon? If so did you enjoy it? Let me know in the comments below!

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