The A To Z Bookish Survey Tag

Welcome back to the blog! I have dubbed today to be another tag day. I had a lot of fund doing the reading habits tag last week so I figured why not have some fun again. This week’s survey was found on Adventures of a Bookish Girl, who found it from Spines & Covers, who got it from Perpetual Page Turner. There is a lot of going back basically. Once again I was not tagged to do this and I am not going to tag anyone to do it, but if you are interested in doing it then you should. I don’t know what I am saying anymore…let’s just get into the questions

Author You’ve Read The Most Books From

I think that answer would be JK Rowling because I have read all of the Harry Potter books. Sarah Dessen is a close second though if not tied. I love Sarah Dessen books and seeing as most (honestly probably all) of them are stand alones I have read a lot of them.

Best Sequel Ever

Ummmmm if it has to be directly after the first one Scarlet by Marissa Meyer. If I could pick any of the books in a series it would be Winter by Marissa Meyer. Yes I just read these recently but they were just so good. It had a nice mix of sci-fi, romance, and fantasy to keep me interested and make me want to keep reading. Winter was my favorite though probably because it wrapped up the other three books and made me happy to see what happened with my favorite, and least favorite, characters of the book.

Currently Reading

The First-Time Manager by Jim McCormick- This book is more for my own personal development with work even though I have been in management for quite a long time. I am also reading it to try to see if there is any good information I can take to my team when we finally go back to work. All of my managers are pretty new to being in management so I am hoping this book will have some good stuff for them. Also if it does I may buy if for them for their birthdays, or for a holiday, we will have to see.

Apart from my work reading I am also trying to start reading The Selection by Kiera Cass as well as The Kingdom of Back by Marie Lu. The Kingdom of Back is for my book club but I just have not found the want to start it yet. The Selection is for a buddy read on the miniathon discord but I just haven’t been able to focus on it because of other things going on in my life right now. Here is to hoping I will figure it out at some point this month and read them both.

Drink of Choice While Reading

Usually wine or cherry sprite with cherry moonshine. I know those are complete opposite ends of the spectrum but that is just how I roll.

E-reader or Physical Book

Either one is fine with me. I would prefer a physical book but I do read a lot on my iPad using my Kindle app right now because of quarantine and not really being able to go out. I personally enjoy writing and flagging my books (I know I do the cardinal sin) and I have not found out a good way to do it with e-books. If you know how to do it with e-books please, tell me.

Fictional Character You Probably Would Have Actually Dated In High School

Pretty much any boy from any contemporary young adult novel. To keep it simple though I will go with two options. First and foremost Four from the Divergent trilogy. Please do not ask me why. I just found that I loved him as a character and even though he is kinda cold and emotionless at first he is a pretty cool dude. Oh and ya know he does warm after a while emotionally.

Second would be Cricket from Lola and The Boy Next Door. That boy is just so sweet. Granted if he acted like he did with Lola and was horrible at getting out that he liked me it might be closer to the end of highschool before we ever dated. But I also think he would make me really cool thoughtful gifts and help me make some dresses, so that would be fun.

Glad You Gave This Book A Chance

Most recently I would say Cinder by Marissa Meyer. If you saw my review you would know that I had actually tried to read it twice before and not been able to get into it. I can say I am glad I just pushed through because The Lunar Chronicles has turned into one of my favorite series of books I have read.

Hidden Gem Book

This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen. I love Sarah Dessen books. Absolutely love them, but this one hit the nail on the head about how I was in highschool. Cynical and felt like the person who liked me shouldn’t. I wish I would have actually read this book back when I was in high school because I think it might have made a world of difference in how I treated relationships.

Important Moment In Your Reading Life

Deciding to actually talk to people about the books I am reading. Starting this blog. Starting my bookstagram. I have always loved to read and always stayed quiet about it because it just wasn’t something anyone around me wanted to talk about. I have found my voice with this blog, and have enjoyed every second of getting to know Kira, Cait, Rylanne, Magdalina, Stajiah, and everyone else that has participated in the miniathons every weekend. It has made me feel 1. a lot less alone in my love of books, and 2. a lot less alone in general. I have not really had human interaction other than with my boyfriend and the cashiers at the grocery stores in 7 weeks. I work retail 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, for 40 hours total. That is a lot of time where I am around people and this change sucked for me at first. Had I not decided to just do bookstagram I am not sure what I would be doing right now, and I really am not sure how I would have made it through the last couple of weeks of stay at home orders.

Just Finished

It All Began In Monte Carlo. If you are on the discord with me you know how much I hated this book. I will write a review on it, but I am honestly just trying to figure out how to say the things I need to about it without ripping the book to shreds. So I am holding off until I can do that.

Kind of Books You Won’t Read

Anything with too many plot lines that do not come together at the end. If the third plot in your book has absolutely nothing to do with the other two plots I am somewhat enjoying I might end up rage reading it, but I will be angry the entire time. I will also give it 2 stars at most. Authors need to just edit their ideas a little bit and understand that every idea you have does not have to be in one book. If you have two good ones but it still isn’t long enough EXPAND ON THE TWO YOU ALREADY HAVE. Don’t throw a third in there that makes zero sense. Just don’t. *cough*It All Began in Monte Carlo*cough*

Longest Book You’ve Read

The longest I have completed was for sure one of the Harry Potter books. If you just want to know the longest I have tried to read that was The Host by Stephanie Meyer. I was never able to finish that one and I want to try it again. I enjoyed the movie so maybe now I will enjoy the book? Especially now that I am not dwelling on the Twilight Saga.

Major Book Hangover Because of

This is a hard one for me. There are so many. The Divergent Trilogy by Veronica Roth is one of them. The book had a good ending, and it didn’t leave unanswered questions but I just wanted so much more from that world. To the point that I was buying up all the short stories and companion novels that I could find just so that I didn’t have to let that world go. I am still PISSED at Veronica Roth for the ending of Allegiant and I am PISSED at the people who wrote the movie for giving me false hope. I have yet to forgive them for that. Probably never will.

The other one that comes to mind is The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. Again one of those series that answered all the questions by the end, but I just wanted more. There are two companion novels to this series that I want to read BUT I refuse to let that world end so I am putting them off. I am sure I will read them before the end of the year but I have things I need to do right now and I can’t spend a whole week stressing over those books when I have to work on moving.

Number of Bookcases you Own

One small one at the moment because I am in an apartment without all of my books. I do hope to get a larger one soon, but I don’t think I will need more than two for awhile. Especially with the style of bookcase I am wanting to get.

One Book You Have Read Multiple Times

The Harry Potter series. To be honest I wish there were other ones, I am actually sure there are other ones but I just can’t remember any more than these.

Preferred Place to Read

I really don’t have one. Anywhere that I can get comfortable and read without having to worry about people trying to talk to me and interrupt me while I am reading. So at home that is usually in the living room since my boyfriend usually goes straight for the bedroom when get gets home. Once we move it will be our second bedroom that I am planning on turning into a reading room/office/cat room.

Quote That Inspires You

“If everybody minded their own business, the world would go around a great deal faster than it does.”- Alice In Wonderland

I have a soft spot for all things Alice but I will let you all come to your own conclusions on why I like this quote the most.

Reading Regret

Mine doesn’t have to do with any particular book actually. It just has more to do with a bookish habit that I have. I regret not reading the books I want to just because I am afraid others will judge them and think they are stupid. Who cares what I like to read. I like to read it. But I constantly find myself either not reading, or not talking about, book that I think other people would find silly. I need to stop that. I really do.

Series you started and need to finish (all books are out)

There are not many, because I either read the books as they come out, don’t know they are a series, or read them once they all have come out. The only series I can think of that I have not finished yet is Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children. One of these days I will finish it. I just don’t know what day that will be.

Three of Your All Time Favorite Books

Three. Your Killing me. Okay so I am basic so here we go.

A Child Called It: I have very vague memories of this book because I read it YEARS ago. I remember it being about child abuse and I remember feeling sad for the character. This book was one of the first ones that taught me that not everyone goes through the same things and life that I do and that I don’t know what they are dealing with and that I can’t judge them based off the small details I do know.

Where The Sidewalk Ends: This is one of the few poetry books I have ever liked. I still smile every time I see this book on a shelf somewhere. I need to read it again sometime soon.

If You Tell: This one is a more recent book but it is a really good one. I actually have a review of it on the blog. It is a true crime story about three sisters who are abused and beaten by their mother. It is a chilling story and not one that should be read if you are not prepared for it to be graphic. I have always enjoyed true crime tv and this is the book that made me realize I also enjoyed true crime books.

Unapologetic Fangirl For

I’ve got to say Harry Potter. I know that the love for that has grown over the years but there are still so many people in my life who do not understand why I love these books so much. I used to hide it, but now I do not. I will have the pop funkos in my living room at the new apartment if I can talk my boyfriend into it. Don’t you worry. (He will probably make me put them in my office, but he really doesn’t care how I decorate for the most part because it makes me happy and he doesn’t have to do it)

Very Excited for This Release More than All The Others

Before today (May 4th) I would have said The Glamourist which is the second book in the Vine Witch series. As of today the corrected answer is Midnight Sun by Stephanie Meyer. I was hella shocked to see it announced today that she would FINALLY be releasing that book. I enjoyed Twilight when I was younger and I am very interested to read that story from Edward’s point of view. It comes out on August 4th (the day before my boyfriends birthday). So you best believe I will be preordering this once I move so that I can have it that day.

Worst Bookish Habit

This really can just relate back to the reading regret section. Other than that I would say skimming pages to look for dialogue when I am not fully enjoying a book. I will just skim and get the gist and move on if I can because if I get too bored I will start to hate the book, even if the book is okay.

X Marks The Spot: Start at the Top Left of You Shelf and Pick the 27th Book

Alrighty, thankfully I have a picture of my current bookshelf set up on my phone so I can just use that to talk about it. Sense and Sensibility. Yeeeeah, I have not ever read this book. I went through a phase where I wanted to try reading classics, but I just was not able to get in to them. So it sits on my shelf, waiting for me to give it another go.

Your Latest Book Purchase

For myself, or in general. For myself it was a box set of The Lunar Chronicle books and the companions. In general it was a pitch in for three of the illustrated Harry Potter books for Kira for her birthday. A bunch of us that take part in the miniathons pulled our money together to get those for her. She was so excited.

Zzz- Snatcher Book (Book That Kept You Up Way Late)

Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins is the most recent one. I started to read that book while I was in a reading slump and ended up staying up until 3am to finish it because I just didn’t want to put it down. Totally worth a read if you are ever looking for a contemporary YA book that you can just read pretty quickly.

If you have made it to the end congratulations, you have earned yourself a gold star. That was a lot longer than I thought it would be but I hope you guys still enjoyed it. See you all in Friday’s post, which should be the book review for Winter by Marissa Meyer, but we will see how I am feeling!

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