Welp That Lasted Longer Than I Thought

Welcome back to the Blog! So, it has been almost a month since my last post. I really did intend for it to only be a week or two, but here we are. This post will be pretty short and sweet but I did want to let you guys know I am back, why I have been gone for so long, how May turned out, and what the plan going forward is.

Before we get into the meat of this post I do feel like I need to address something really quickly, especially since there is so much happening in the United States right now. I am a white female, I will never understand the struggles of a black person in America, but I want to say that I support you, I hear you, and I stand with you. Black lives matter and treating black Americans any different than white Americans is unacceptable. We should all be able to go into a store and not have to watch that we are not being “suspicious”. We should all be able to have interactions with the police without wondering if we are going to be detained, or shot at, for no reason other than the officer felt “uncomfortable”; even when nothing has been done or said to the officer to make them feel uncomfortable. I may not know the proper way to help but I am learning, I am educating myself, and I am trying to help where I can. If you are offended by the saying black lives matter then please feel free to no longer follow the blog. If your argument is that all lives matter, you are correct. That is why we all need to be fighting against the injustices that black people face. They can not do it alone. It is going to take white people to stand up and say enough is enough for change to happen. And change needs to happen.

What Happened?

Obviously in the last post I was like “oh I’ll be gone for a week and then I will be back.” I can’t remember exactly what I told you guys in the last post but a week after moving I also went back to work, and since then it has been crazy.

To make a very long story short after we moved in I intended to come back and write my review for Delirium and get that posted. I also wanted to finish up Pandemonium and potentially write that review all before I went back to work. Unpacking ended up taking longer than I anticipated and by that point everytime I did something 5 other things would come up and ruin my plans. So I gave up on May by the middle of the month and just decided I would pick things back up in June.

Also I have now been working for 9 days straight because of people calling off work and us not being able to get others to cover shifts. Perks of being a store manager. On top of working those 9 days in a row our corporate office has lost their minds and gave us a mountain of things to do this week. We are only there 7.5 hours a day right now and only open for 6 hours right now. So trying to get anything done, on top of helping customers is about impossible. Oh and we have to do our normal shipment, while ripping the store apart to try to find places to place the new markdown product since we were closed for 2 months. Let’s just say unfortunately reading, and the blog, have been the last thing on my mind.

What Now?

Now we need to have a new plan, since clearly doing a post three times a week is unlikely to actually happen sadly. Right now I am thinking two posts a week, Monday and Friday. I might change those days around, but if I can get ahead on posts and get them scheduled Monday’s will work, and then I can write Friday’s post during the week. I make no promises that I will actually be able to stick to this but fingers crossed it will work out better.

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