The Rules of Enchantment- Book Review

“I never needed seducing. I wanted you“.

Leith, The Rules of Enchantment

Author: Wendy Tardieu
Published: August 2020
Pages: 142

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Welcome back to the blog! The one that I have abandoned for about a month again. I am sorry. I promise I had all of these great intentions and then the holidays at work got stressful and I had some personal things going on in my life. But here I am again, with another book review.

Before we get into the review I want to be very clear that I was sent this book for free to review for you guys. This does not change my opinions and they are still 100% the truth and my own. Even if I did not like the book I would make sure that you guys knew that.

With all of that out of the way, let’s get into the review!


The Rules of Enchantment is a 142 page fantasy/romance story about Kyler, a scribe who possesses a small amount of magic, and Leith, an exiled sorcerer that the Academy think is plotting a horrible plan to overthrow the Academy and the restrictions they place on the use of magic. Kyler is sent to become Leith’s apprentice and to unknowingly spy on him for the Academy. When they learn that Kyler possesses far more magic than even she realized they two join forces and change the history of Salyndria forever.

My Thoughts

I want to start with my overall thoughts on this book. It was good, it was a super quick read that I was able to do in a couple hours and I really did enjoy the story. Despite enjoying it I had one bone to pick with it.

The book markets itself on the front cover as “an erotic fantasy adventure novel”. I agree it is a fantasy novel and there is some adventure in it, but I am unsure why it declares itself erotic. The book is a student/teacher romance story which isn’t usually my cup of tea, but I think considering the ages of these characters I was more open to it than I would have been otherwise. There is very little eroticism in the book, the characters dont kiss until almost half way through the book. I was definitely expecting more romance from the beginning of the book from the cover. There are a total of two sex scenes in the book and they are not overly explicit, so I personally would not consider the book erotic. I would also venture to say that because of this it could be a YA or even a middle grade book.

Other than being very confused through out the book on why it was considering itself erotic I actually thought it was good. The writing was well done, the book was edited well, and I wasn’t able to guess the ending. Well I was, but I didn’t realize I was correct until I read the ending for a second time. There is adventure, but with the book being so short there is not much of it. I think with a book this short it would have been better to try to focus on one of the other.

There was a lot of potential in this book and the world of Salyndria was very interesting. I wish the book would have been longer so either more romance or more adventure could have been included.


I would recommend this book to anyone that is looking for a quick read that will make you go through a mild range of emotions and end in a happy way. If you are looking for erotica, this book is not for you despite what it claims on the title and despite what the cover looks like.

I gave the book 3 out of 5 stars because as I mentioned in my thoughts I overall thought it was a good book, had it been more of what it claimed to be I probably would have even given if 4 or 5 stars.

I would definitely be interested in reading more books by Wendy Tardieu.

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