Midnight Sun- Book Review

“Every word we spoke here–each one of them was another pomegranate seed”.

Edward Cullen, Midnight Sun

Author: Stephanie Meyer
Published: August 2020
Pages: 658

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Welcome back to the blog! At this point I don’t know that anyone is still around and if you are I don’t know why. My life has been in shambles the last few months—which is why there have been no new posts because I really have not been reading. But what better way to start the blog back off than with a review of a book from a series I loved in middle school. If for some reason you have not read Twilight yet then be warned you will get spoilers about that book in this review since the book is a rewrite of that novel.


Midnight Sun is a 658 page YA fantasy novel that retells the story of Twilight from Edwards perspective. Edward struggles with the reality that he, a vampire, has fallen for a human girl named Bella. Throughout the story you get to see how Edward handles this unfortunate reality, as well as see how he see’s Bella.

My Thoughts

As usual we are going to start with my overall thoughts on the book and then we will break down more specifics as the review goes on. Overall I thought the book was decent. It wasn’t a new story by any means, so if that was what you were hoping for you will be sadly disappointed. As someone who was a huge fan of the original series I enjoyed seeing the story told from Edwards perspective.

Twilight was a very problematic novel if you think about all the themes that were in the book. I still struggle as an adult with why this series was promoted as a YA fantasy series because there is some seriously messed up–excuse my language–shit in it. To start with Edward is a stalker. I don’t care how you look at it he is a stalker. Also Bella needed some serious therapy and that was never pushed. Oh and Edward was controlling and in my mind kind of manipulative and just a jerk.

As I said, this book is just a rewrite of the original book, with more details since it is from Edwards perspective. So please know that the same problematic themes do show up in this book. I promise nothing was done to change that. However, as an adult I did enjoy being able to see how Edward felt about what was going on.

He is self aware enough to know that what he is doing is wrong, and he knows that he is being a creepy stalker. I really like that about this book. You get to see him as an actual person and not just as this picture of perfection that could never do wrong to Bella. He is seriously bad for her and he knows it. It doesn’t excuse the behavior, but I do like having the perspective.

Also because Edward doesn’t sleep you do get to have a lot more knowledge about what he was actually doing in Bella’s bedroom while she slept…as well as learn more about the Cullen’s in general. I won’t give anything away, but I thought there was a quite interesting story about Alice in the book that we would not have known if this book wasn’t written.

Is this book great? No. Is it a decent read if you were a fan of The Twilight Saga? Absolutely. What I will say is that the writing is a lot better than the original series was. Much more developed and almost like the book was written for a more mature audience in mind. (Also this book is most definitely not for middle schoolers so maybe don’t let them read this. The first 50 pages has a very descriptive murder in it and even I was like damn I dunno about this.)


I would recommend this book to anyone that was a fan of the original Twilight novel. If you were not a fan, don’t read this. It is the same story and you won’t like it anymore than the original…unless your argument was that there was not enough information about the Cullen’s, then maybe you would. I also would only recommend this to be read by adult readers, or maybe high school students. Don’t expect anything amazing, but if you have some time to waste reading a 600 page book then I say go for it.

As a sign note, only Stephanie Meyer could make this book double the size of the original and get away with it. I also kind of what the remaining three books to be written from Edwards perspective as well. Particularly New Moon because let’s be real…that book was boring with him gone for months. I would much rather know what he was actually doing, and know how Rosalie told him Bella died when she hadn’t. (Yes I am watching New Moon while writing this review).

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