Reading With Friends—Book Club

“She read books as one would breath air, to fill up and live.”

Ann Dillard, The Living

Can we please just pretend that I didn’t go AWOL for like 5 months? Okay great. Thank you. Moving on….just kidding. Once again I got busy with work. Some serious life things happened. I am no longer with my ex who lived with me. I am kind of talking to a new guy. But I am back. So that is all that matters…I think.

I do have much more exciting news to post about though, and it isn’t just about my life. I might have maybe started a book club with one of my best friends that I have made since starting Bookstagram. We have been talking about it for a bit and decided to just go for it. Our first official month is in August, so if you join now just know we are in a trial period of making sure we get this running smoothly. I wanted to make a blog post introducing you all to the book club however and telling you a bit about how it will work.

What is Reading With Friends?

Reading With Friends is a book club, but more than that it is a place for people who love books to chill, hang out, talk about life, and read books together. I like to think of it as a book club with a social aspect to it. Everyday we get to chat and make friends with people from around the world regardless of if we are reading the same books. The best thing is we also have a book we read together each month that we will discuss during the month, and at the end.

Meet the Hosts

As I said above, I started this book club with one of my best friends from Bookstagram, Ellie! Bellow you will find out a bit more about each of us, including some of our favorite books, favorite authors, and genres that we love. Having Ellie to run this book club with me has been absolutely amazing because since we are in different time zones we are really able to make the most out of making sure someone is always on the discord to answer questions or just chat with other members.

Book of The Month

Every month starting in August 2021 we will pick a book of the month that has been voted on by members. Each month is a different genre so that there is something that will appeal to everyone, and so that we can all get out of our reading comfort zones for at least one book a month.

There are 4 books to vote between each month–2 that are picked by Ellie and myself and 2 that are randomly chosen out of recommendations given to us by members. Those books will go up on our Instagram (_readingwithfriends_) story for 24 hours. The winner of that vote will be the book that we all ready together the following month.

12-in-24 Readathon

Each month we will also host a 12 in 24 readathon where the goal will just be to read for 12 hours in a 24 hours period. To start off we will only be doing this one Saturday a month, but frequency and days of the week can change if something else works better for everyone. In this time we will have reading sprints (which if you participate in all of the reading sprints should add up to at least 12 hours of reading!), question times, and just some general fun going on to motivate everyone to read. We may also do some live sprints in that time as well so that we can all spend some scheduled time reading together!—More information on this will be released on our discord as it becomes available.

Other Stuff to Know

While I don’t want to give all of the fun away with what is happening in the discord I do want to mention that we will also have bingo boards each month that will focus not on the number of books you read, but on the act of reading itself. We may also do some photo challenges, but again still working out all of the details

If this sounds fun to you please consider joining us over on the discord! Click here to head on over and see what the fun is all about!

All links in this post are Amazon affiliate links, I earn a small commision from each sale using that link which I use to keep this blog running. Using the link costs you no extra money, it is the same price as if you purchased the book without the link.

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