Ugly Love- Book Review

“Sometimes you spend all your time hoping it’ll be something different. Something better. Then, before you know it, you’re back to square one, and you lost your heart somewhere along the way.”

Cap, Ugly Love

Author: Colleen Hoover
Published: August 2014
Pages: 322

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Welcome back to the blog! August is off to a good start, my three book TBR is now 33% completed after reading Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover. This was the BOTM for my book club Reading with Friends. I have opinions, but before I get into them I just want to say that this is my first Colleen Hoover book. I enjoyed it, but please don’t rip me to shreds for my opinions if you are a CoHo fan. Maybe I just read this at the wrong time…and that is all I will say.

Also there will be spoilers, but I will make sure to label the section clearly so you know not to read it.


Ugly Love is the not so romantic or love filled story of Tate Collins and Miles Archer. The only thing these two have in common is that they are both physically attracted to each other, and they can’t deny that. Miles and Tate embark on a no strings attached arrangement where Tate has to decide if she can live by the two rules Miles has set. Both think that this is an arrangement that they can handle, but things start to change when emotions get involved.

My Thoughts (Spoiler Free)

Spoiler free thoughts and reactions here. First off I must admit that I usually hate dual POV books. They tend to tell the same things over and over just from different perspectives. That is not what happened in this book. Which I appreciate. Each perspective was almost like two different stories…because it pretty much was (more on that in the spoiler section). I can appreciate Miles’ sections for what they were but I definitely did get annoyed with them more than once because I just wanted to know more about how he was currently feeling and less about what we were being told.

Beyond that I think that Colleen Hoover definitely knows how to write a book and get you hooked from the beginning. I was not really invested in the characters at the beginning but there was still something about the book that kept pulling me to read it. And read it I did. I binged the book and actually finished it in about 8 hours of reading.

One thing I did really love about the book was the banter back and forth between Tate and Miles, especially pre their arrangement. There were many times where I was smiling to myself or laughing out loud at the sarcasm that they were using with each other. I don’t often laugh out loud at a book…and I am not sure that is what CoHo was going for here if I’m being honest.

Most of the things that I disliked about the book had to do with Miles’ chapters and his back story. I just couldn’t get behind some of it (which again I will talk more about in the spoiler section). I probably could have gotten over it if everyone in the book was aged up a bit and one specific detail was changed and just was left out.

I will say this book did make me cry…twice…but it didnt shatter me apart like it did a lot of people. To be shattered I need to be invested in the characters quite a bit, and I just wasn’t with this book. I feel like it was very shallow and surface level. Just enough information to make you be like okay these are people, but that was it. It really didn’t feel like Tate existed outside of her arrangement with Miles. And beyond that Miles was the only one that I felt like we really learned much of any kind of back story about. If the backstory wasn’t relevant to the understanding of the story then I don’t think we would have even gotten that.

My Thoughts (Spoilers)

Yay, time for everyone’s favorite part. I am going to talk about this with all of the spoilers. So if you have not read Ugly Love and don’t want spoilers then PLEASE just skip down to the recommendation section of the post. This may be long because I have OPINIONS.

Alrighty so now that there has been time for people to skip past this let’s get right down to it.

Despite actually enjoying this book, I had some issues. First of all why was Tate not given any kind of background information. We literally know nothing about her other than that she is a Nurse, she is going back to school, and she is now living with her brother who is a pilot. Like give me something to make me invested in her as a character. PLEASE. I wanted this book to shred my heart apart like it apparently has for other people, but with out proper character back story on the main character of the book I am not surprised it didn’t.

Second thing I had an issue with WHY IN THE ACTUAL HELL DID CoHo DECIDE TO MAKE MILES’ BACK STORY INTO THIS WEIRD KINDA INCEST BUT NOT, STEP SIBLING ROMANCE?!?!?!?!?!?!? I am actually livid about that. His back story still would have been just as tragic had that not happened. Like I get it was this love at first sight thing but COME ON. They absolutely did not have to become step siblings. I also would have preferred that all the characters have been aged up a bit because him having this tragic thing happen to him at 18 was just weird. Like yeah it happens, but I think it would have affected him the same way even if he was like 20 instead of 18.

I am also very much not a fan of how all of Miles’ chapters were just flash backs to 6 years before and his relationship with his STEP SISTER Rachel. Like give me something that tells me how he is feeling about Tate. Like great, I got a couple chapters of that at the end of the book. My heart would have hurt so much more for him and for what they were both going through had I know how his feelings for her were developing throughout the entire book and not just how he felt after going to see Rachel.

Don’t get me wrong I understood the need for the Rachel back story by the end of the book. But that could have been done in like 6 chapters tops and still given the same emotional response that it did with it being basically every fucking chapter.

Can I also just say that Tate actually thinking that sleeping with Miles was going to make him change rule number 2 was just fucking bonkers. Let’s be real how often in the real world does that ever work. 9/10 if you are sleeping with someone with no strings attached one of you will catch feelings and the other won’t. She already had feelings going into it so like, bad idea my girl. Bad idea.

I have to say a thank you to the unspoken hero of this book Ian. Who while did not make a huge appearance did remind Miles that he was being a fucking idiot by not going after Tate when she left and for telling him that he needed to go see Rachel so that he could finally move the fuck on.


I want to recommend this book so bad, so I will. I think that it was a well written story I just personally wish it had more character development. If you are okay with just having a love story that is kind of one sided for most of the book and that is very surface level than you will probably really enjoy it. For my first Colleen Hoover book I wasn’t upset. This is usually how I feel about new to me others. I don’t usually find the first book I read by them to be super amazing (the exception to that is SJM). It is usually after a couple of reads when I start to love them and then I revisit the first book I read and usually end up with different opinions.

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