Emergency Contact- Book Review

“This is probably how emergency contacts work. You say something to your person before you go nuts and blow a gasket.”

Penny, Emergency Contract

Author: Mary H.K. Choi
Published: March 2018
Pages: 391

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Welcome back to the blog! I finished my second book of the month already and we are just now starting the second week of August. I am on vacation for the next 8 days…its a staycation really…and my goal is to get some serious reading done around the other house work and life things i have to get done this week. Anyway on to the review because I am sure absolutely none of you care about my reading goals for this week.


Emergency Contact is the story of Penny and Sam, two individuals who meet for the first time at the coffee shop Sam works at and strike up a friendship of sorts in the following days. The book follows their day to day lives as they build a relationship with each other through texting…and eventually a phone call or two.

My Thoughts

Thankfully unlike with my last review my opinions on thins are not quite as strong with this book, so the whole review should be pretty spoiler free, but I will add a spoiler section if things come up as I write.

This books is 100% a character driven book. Whether you like the characters in it or not, you can not get around that fact. The only plot of this book is Sam and Penny getting to know each other and building their friendship. Of course other things happen in the book that drive that whole plot along but if you look at it objectively all those things are are spring boards into the next part of their relationship with each other. I personally am a hoe for character driven books. While I love books that have a plot and something you are working toward I really really like books where you get to dive deep into the characters. (If you have any recommendations for books like this PLEASE let me know).

Being that this book is character driven most of my thoughts are going to be about the characters themselves. Let’s start with Penny, if only because she is the first perspective that we get in this book….oh yeah, the book is dual POV.

Penny isn’t my favorite character in the book, but I don’t hate her. She has a lot of flaws as a person, but she is 18. That doesn’t excuse her flaws but it does kind of help to explain them a bit. To start with Penny is really mean to her mom throughout the entire book. She also treats her mom like she is a child and Penny acts like she has to take care of her, not the other way around. Penny does also give off an vibe that she thinks she is better than everyone else. She isn’t but she thinks she is on occasion. What I will say is that I can appreciate Penny as a character even if I didn’t love her. I can not relate to her on the same level as I can some of the other characters *cough* Sam *cough* but I can relate to being kind of mean and a general terror to my mother at 18. It’s a teenage girl thing honestly.

Sam on the other hand is someone that I can relate with much more. Sam is 21, lives in the coffee shop he works at, has no money, wants to go to film school, and has an ex girlfriend who is a general pain in the ass. Sam’s ex girlfriend can go fall off a cliff. I found myself wishing he would just be done with her already, but given the circumstances I did understand why he was still putting up with her for a large chunk of the book. I found myself much more invested with his story than I did with Penny’s, even though they do intertwine pretty often in the book.

My one upset with the book was just that I wanted a bit more. I loved how the book ended. My heart was fully and happy, but I would have loved to have gotten to read more. Or for there to have been a second book that I could ready to get more of Penny and Sam, because if I am being honest I did start to like Penny a little more towards the end of the book.

Also…the gold foiling on the spine started coming off where I was holding the book. Which like isn’t an issue with the book but is something to be aware of. I was really sad when I noticed it because I’ve only read it once and the spine already looks like I’ve read it a lot more of that.


If you love character development and no plot like I do then you will love this book. If you hate character development and only want plot movement then you will either hate this book or think it is mediocre at best. I personally think it was lovely and I will probably read it again in the future, but I am aware that this type of book really isn’t for everyone.

I almost find it funny that the first book I read this month had little to no character development but a lot of plot development and now this one had no plot development but a lot of character development. Had Ugly Love had even had half the plot development this one had I can guarantee I would have liked it a lot ore than I did.

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