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Reading By Myself started as an Instagram account in March 2020. I had just stumbled my way back to finding time to read to help deal with my daily stress of work, cats, masters classes, and home. Soon I decided that I wanted to be able to go more in depth than just what the description section of Instagram pictures would let me. So at last, here we are. If you are interested in checking out my Instagram head over to @reading.by.myself to see the things I don’t post here.

Founder and Editor

Hello there! My name is Kaylan and I am a 24 year old retail store manager. I graduated from college with a Bachelors of Science in Textiles, Apparel, and Merchandising. I am currently working on getting my Masters of Science in Human Resource Management.

I have always been a lover of books, though I fell off the reading train back in undergrad when I felt like I didn’t have enough time.

Reading By Myself is my place to tell my thoughts about the books that I am reading. I hope everyone enjoys what I have to say


The oldest and the sassiest

Nala is the oldest of the cats that I have, coming in at around 8 years old. She is more my boyfriends cat than mine, but she enjoys cuddling on the couch or bed with me while I read. She is also the most photogenic and always puts up with me using her to take pictures for instagram.

Carina Storm

The Middle Child aka Reenie or Weenie Beenie

Carina is actually the first cat that I got after my 19 year old cat had to be put down. She is the least photogenic of the three and she is also the one who wants the least amount of love. She will hang out with you when she wants to, but if you try to force her she will get mad and run and hide. When I can get pictures of her she is the prettiest, but the likely hood of her cooperating most of the time is pretty low. She is right around 2 years old and it shows that is for sure.


The Baby

Nugget is the newest member of the family, she is also the youngest. This baby is not even 1 year old yet, but she is the caziest cat I have ever met. She likes to cuddle up with me, but only when Nala is around. They are both super jealous of each other. Nugget is also queen of playing fetch when I am trying to write a blog post. She is slightly more photogenic than Carina Storm, but she also takes personal joy in running to wherever I am taking a picture and promptly jumping it it and either messing it up, or annoying the other cats.

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