Midnight Sun- Book Review

“Every word we spoke here–each one of them was another pomegranate seed”. Edward Cullen, Midnight Sun Author: Stephanie MeyerPublished: August 2020Pages: 658 Welcome back to the blog! At this point I don’t know that anyone is still around and if you are I don’t know why. My life has been in shambles the last fewContinue reading “Midnight Sun- Book Review”

January 2021 Book Wrap Up

For once I am actually attempting to get this this wrap up up the first day of the month. Woohoo! Sorry I have sucked the last few months at actually updating the blog. I am hoping this year that I will be better at it, but I am not making any promises. On to theContinue reading “January 2021 Book Wrap Up”

The Rules of Enchantment- Book Review

“I never needed seducing. I wanted you“. Leith, The Rules of Enchantment Author: Wendy TardieuPublished: August 2020Pages: 142 Welcome back to the blog! The one that I have abandoned for about a month again. I am sorry. I promise I had all of these great intentions and then the holidays at work got stressful andContinue reading “The Rules of Enchantment- Book Review”

October 2020 Book Wrap Up

It is far past the end of another month of 2020. I haven’t done a book wrap up post since April, but I have been out of quarantine since May. I did have to do a two week quarantine period at the end of October but I had finished most of my reading by thenContinue reading “October 2020 Book Wrap Up”

Book Review Catch Up- Once Upon a Con Series

Hello bookish friends and welcome back to the blog. It is time for another quick post about three books that I read in September. While I did really enjoy these books my thoughts were not something that required a post for each individual book. This review will also have some spoilers for the series soContinue reading “Book Review Catch Up- Once Upon a Con Series”

Book Review Catch Up- The Five, Stars Above, and This is not you fault

Hello bookish friends and welcome back to the blog. It has been a really long time since I have written a book review for you all, so I wanted to play catch up today and talk about three books I have read since July that I want to give my thoughts on, but that don’tContinue reading “Book Review Catch Up- The Five, Stars Above, and This is not you fault”

Where have I been

“Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end, if not always in the way we expect. Luna Lovegood Hello strangers. Long time no post. Unfortunately things got a big crazy in my regular life post returning to work and while I have been on Instagram I definitely have notContinue reading “Where have I been”

A Blade So Black- Book Review

“Oh, I don’t know. The human world has its charms. Cotton candy for instance.” “Yeah, and it’s got plenty of problems.” “It’s got you. Addison Hatta and Alice, A Blade So Black Author: L.L. McKinneyPublished: 2018Pages: 370 Welcome back to the blog, or welcome to the blog if you are new! I spent 4th ofContinue reading “A Blade So Black- Book Review”

Reading With Friends Buddy Read- July 2020

Hello world, and all those who inhabit it. Or at least those of you that read this blog. Today I am going to be giving you a little bit of a different post than usual. I last minute decided to host a buddy read for July and wanted to post about it so that anyoneContinue reading “Reading With Friends Buddy Read- July 2020”