Book Review Policy

Please be sure to review all the information to the left before contacting us about book reviews. Thanks!

I am happy to accept books for review at this time!

General Information

If you are an author or publishing house that is interested in having me review a book here on Reading By Myself I am more than happy to take the book into consideration. I accept self-published as well as traditional books.

If you would like for me to review a book please remember that all opinions are my own and I will be honest about how I feel about a book at the time I read it. I will let readers know if I did not like it, however I will always try to find some positives in the book as well. Just because I did not like it does not mean that there are not others out there that would love it.


Here are a few guidelines I personally follow in terms of this blog and my reviews.

* Reading will come before blogging for me. I enjoy blogging because I am able to really get my thoughts about books out into the open, but writing is not my passion. Reading is.
* My family, work, and school requirements will come before reading or anything else.
* I will not sugar coat my reviews. If I do not like a book I will let people know. That being said, as I stated above, I will always try to find something positive about the book. I understand that even within genres I like I will not love every book.
* If I do say yes to doing a review please do not ask me when it will be done. I like to read when I am in the mood too and I do not due well with deadlines. If you want to send me a book and say hey do you think you can read this in the next few months and write a review, that it fine. I will try to only accept books for review when I have time to read them.
* I do not promise I will finish your book. If I receive the book and I am not enjoying it and can not find something in it that I love I will DNF the book. I will still write a review for you and explain why I did not finish it, as well as the positives I could find from the book. If you would prefer I do not review the book if I DNF it please let me know in advance.
* I do have an iPad so I can read digital books though I love print books the most.
* I will buy my own books as well to do reviews because let’s face it sometimes I am the best person to decide what I want to read.

My Book Preferences

Though I do try to read many different types of books I primarily enjoy reading fiction books. Some of my most enjoyed genres are:

* Young Adult Fiction
* Fiction
* Fantasy (also of the YA variety)
* Thriller/Mysteries
* Retelling of popular children’s stories (even if written for adults now)

Please keep in mind that there are a few types of books I generally will not read or review. Those are:

* Autobiographies
* Non-fiction of any kind
* Horror

I most enjoy books like Once Upon a Silent Song, In an Instant, Last Song, Divergent, Harry Potter, Crescent City: House of Earth and Blood, and Throne of Glass.

If you are still interested in having me review a books please head over to my contact page to find out how you can reach me.

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