January 2021 Book Wrap Up

For once I am actually attempting to get this this wrap up up the first day of the month. Woohoo! Sorry I have sucked the last few months at actually updating the blog. I am hoping this year that I will be better at it, but I am not making any promises. On to theContinue reading “January 2021 Book Wrap Up”

October 2020 Book Wrap Up

It is far past the end of another month of 2020. I haven’t done a book wrap up post since April, but I have been out of quarantine since May. I did have to do a two week quarantine period at the end of October but I had finished most of my reading by thenContinue reading “October 2020 Book Wrap Up”

April 2020 Book Wrap Up

The end of another month of quarantine and another month of reading. This month I participated in the OWL readathon so I read most of my books for that. I did not read quite as many as last month but I did start my classes for my Masters in Human Resource Management backup mid April.Continue reading “April 2020 Book Wrap Up”

Balancing the Books for March 2020

This month definitely has been a month for reading. It also has been a month for me personally. I did not expect at the beginning of the month that I would be off work for two weeks (now three, and potentially longer) and I did not expect to be reading this much during that time.Continue reading “Balancing the Books for March 2020”