Emergency Contact- Book Review

“This is probably how emergency contacts work. You say something to your person before you go nuts and blow a gasket.” Penny, Emergency Contract Author: Mary H.K. ChoiPublished: March 2018Pages: 391 Welcome back to the blog! I finished my second book of the month already and we are just now starting the second week ofContinue reading “Emergency Contact- Book Review”

Ugly Love- Book Review

“Sometimes you spend all your time hoping it’ll be something different. Something better. Then, before you know it, you’re back to square one, and you lost your heart somewhere along the way.” Cap, Ugly Love Author: Colleen HooverPublished: August 2014Pages: 322 Welcome back to the blog! August is off to a good start, my threeContinue reading “Ugly Love- Book Review”

Midnight Sun- Book Review

“Every word we spoke here–each one of them was another pomegranate seed”. Edward Cullen, Midnight Sun Author: Stephanie MeyerPublished: August 2020Pages: 658 Welcome back to the blog! At this point I don’t know that anyone is still around and if you are I don’t know why. My life has been in shambles the last fewContinue reading “Midnight Sun- Book Review”

The Rules of Enchantment- Book Review

“I never needed seducing. I wanted you“. Leith, The Rules of Enchantment Author: Wendy TardieuPublished: August 2020Pages: 142 Welcome back to the blog! The one that I have abandoned for about a month again. I am sorry. I promise I had all of these great intentions and then the holidays at work got stressful andContinue reading “The Rules of Enchantment- Book Review”