Honor Lost- Book Review

Honey, I don’t like anything about you anyway, so it doesn’t matter much. I’m not coming with you, if that’s what you’re here for. And you are not going to be able to take me. Don’t embarrass yourself. Just cut your losses.” Zara, Honor Lost Chapter 8, page 147 Author: Rachel Caine and Ann AguirrePublished:Continue reading “Honor Lost- Book Review”

Honor Bound- Book Review

You are as you should be. It was the kindest thing anyone had ever said to me, and it felt…pure.” Zara Cole, Honor Bound Chapter 10, Page 202 Author: Rachel Caine and Ann AguirrePublished: 2019Pages: 470Rating: 4/10 If you have yet to read my review on Honor Among Thieves you really should go read itContinue reading “Honor Bound- Book Review”