Missing by Shelley Shepard Gray-Book Review

Author: Shelley Shepard GrayPublished: 2012Pages: 245Rating: 6/10 UGH! So this book has taken be years to read, I couldn’t remember why and now I do. I don’t have much of an introduction to this book review other than that if you are going to be reading this don’t worry about spoilers on how the boyContinue reading “Missing by Shelley Shepard Gray-Book Review”

I Am Watching You by Teresa Driscoll- Book Review

That first postcard was inside an envelope. A black card with letters cut out of a magazine. WHY DIDN’T YOU HELP HER?” Ella, I am Watching You Chapter 4, page 26 Author: Teresa DriscollPublished: 2017Pages: 301Rating: 8/10 I am usually not into thriller/murder mystery books, which is interesting because I really enjoy murder mystery t.v.Continue reading “I Am Watching You by Teresa Driscoll- Book Review”